Watch: Yuvraj Singh reveals the Story behind Six Sixes against England

Exactly on this day back in 2007, Yuvraj Singh created history by smashing 6 balls out of the boundary line in Stuart Broad bowling against England and became the first and only man to hit six sixes in an over in T20I.

Everyone knows that there was a quarrel between Yuvraj Singh and Andrew Flintoff, before the start of Broad’s over, but no one knows what were the words exchanged between these players and that made Yuvraj Singh create history.

Finally, Almost after 12 years, Yuvraj Singh reveals what happened in that quarrel between Yuvraj and Flintoff

“I knew what he was thinking, A Yorker, I was in a similar situation once,” Yuvraj Singh recalls 2007 T20I moment.

“Honestly, after the fourth six, I thought it could be six in six. I had to exploit the onside. The midwicket boundary was shorter. I anticipated the yorker and was glad to receive one. It was great fun because of the knock kind of set the trend for the team. We went on to beat South Africa in the next match, and nothing was going to stop us from there,” Yuvraj said in a chat with Sportstar.

“The T20 World Cup,” remembered Yuvraj, “was a wonderful journey. The team was full of youngsters. Seniors like Sachin (Tendulkar), Rahul (Dravid) and Sourav (Ganguly) had opted out. We decided to have fun and not attract needless pressure as we had in the West Indies [failing to qualify for the second stage of the ICC World Cup]. We told ourselves not to have any fear of losing and basically play positively.”

“It was a crucial phase for Indian cricket. By claiming the trophy, we won the faith of our fans. Cricket went on an unprecedented high from that point and set up the process that culminated with the glorious 2011 World Cup triumph in Mumbai,” Yuvraj Singh said.

“Oh, that was unbelievable. Misbah hitting that shot when he could have slammed the ball anywhere in front. Sreesanth taking that catch was incredible too. When I saw him getting under the ball, I just closed my eyes because Sree was known to drop catches. But then Sree is such an unpredictable guy. He held the catch and with that the cup.”

Watch Yuvraj Singh reveals the quarrel between him and Andrew Flintoff: