WATCH: Why did Virat Kohli stopped the crowd when Booing Steve Smith?

Virat Kohli and Steve Smith are the two best batsmen of this era and both these players are in the Fab 4, while one leading the Indian side and the other one leading the Australian squad in the International Cricket. Also, one leading RCB and the other leading RR in IPL.

Virat and Smith’s rivalry is one of the best rivalries ever which is now going on in the International Cricket. Currently, both these players are in the middle fo the India tour of Australia Test Series which started after the conclusion of a T20I series and ODI series between both the nations.

Recently a video went Viral in which both the batsmen discussed various aspects. In the video, Virat was asked why he stopped the crowd which was booing at Steve Smith during the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup for this Virat replied by saying that they’ve already gone through a lot of stress and it should not be permanent. Steve Smith also said that he thanked Virat that night by texting him for his generous gesture.

“It was an incident that had happened. You guys realized what had happened. You had gone through everything that already happened and it was done. I feel like in life nothing can be that permanent,” Said Virat Kohli

“It is not good to target a person that personally. As much as it is competitive cricket, there is a human side to the game and the players. We are here chatting now. We do have a chat a few times during the IPL as well,”

“There are instances where you keep meeting individuals. Cricket is all about that. You don’t want to do something that nasty. That is one of the things that I realized. Long-term you realize that there is more to things in the larger perspective. At that moment, I thought that was not the right thing to do (from the fans),” added Kohli

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