Watch: Jonny Bairstow fools Steve Smith by fake fielding

The fifth and final Ashes test is in progress currently at the Oval. England has batted first and scored 294 runs in the first inning while Australia has scored 225 runs, and England takes the lead of 69 runs in the first inning. At the end of day two, England were 9/0 and lead went past 70 runs. Steve Smith has scored his 10th 50+ scores in Ashes.

During the Australia Inning, Mathew Wade played a shot, and he and Steve Smith took three Runs. But when they were completing the third run, Jonny Bairstow made Steve Smith fool by fake fielding. Jonny Bairstow tried to run out steve Smith without collecting the ball.

Watch: Steve Smith fooled by Jonny Bairstow: