Watch: Jofra Archer turns Footballer to protect his wicket

Jofra Archer has become a Weapon in the hands of England cricket on the very first match he played in the Ashes 2019 he proved it by drawing the match in which England almost lost their hopes

either he has only dismissed two wickets in the two innings combined at the Lords Cricket ground, but he collapsed the dangerous Steve Smith by hitting on his necks which have led to drawing the match at Lords on the second test of ashes 2019.

the third Test of Ashes 2019 at Headingley, Leeds this speedster has bowled six batsmen in the first innings and two batsmen in the second innings which led to the First victory of England in 2019 Ashes.

On the 4th test of Ashes 2019 at Old Trafford again came the opportunity for Jofra Archer to draw the game for England, but this time with the Bat and all other Batsman being dismissed, Jofra and Craig Overton were left on the field to save England from Collapse.

On the fourth ball of the 75th over, Jofra Archer was hit on the thighs by Josh Hazlewood’s half-tracker ball and the ball ricocheted off his bat and threatened to roll on to the stumps. By the time Archer realized this, the ball had gone behind him.

However, Jofra Archer showcased his football skills here to save his wicket, Archer back-heeled the delivery with his left foot onto his right foot. Then, after hitting his right foot, he saved his wicket.

Jofra Archer saves his wicket by his Football Skills: