WATCH: Ellyse Perry stops six with a blinder against New Zealand

In the second ODI match between Australia woman and New Zealand woman. Australia all-rounder Ellyse Perry has put great effort to stop a six which is now trending on the Social Media.

It all happened on the 4th ball of the 37th over in Georgia Wareharm bowling, New Zealand cricketer Maddy Green has hit the ball over the long-on.

Ellyse Perry who was Fielding at the position grabbed the ball in her hands but thrown it inside has she troubled to maintain her Balance.

This exceptional Fielding performance from Ellyse Perry to stop the six helped the team save 4 runs.

Coming to the match, Australia won the match by 71 runs & the series against New Zealand woman with a match yet to play (2-0)

Watch Ellyse Perry Fielding performance during 2nd ODI: