Twitter Bashes Sanjay Manjrekar for his Tweet against Virat Kohli in 2012, see how Manjrekar responded

Sanjay Manjrekar is one of the finest Cricket Commentator, in fact, we can say it with no doubt that he has found more success has a commentator than has a Cricket Player.

Sanjay Manjrekar has also been controversial many times because of his unconventional statements on the cricketers and this one was made against Indian skipper Virat Kohli back in 2012.

Those were the days when Kohli was in making himself ready for the future and he struggled in the test tour in Australia in 2012, and this made Sanjay Manjrekar Tweet like this “I would still drop VVS & get Rohit in for the next test. Makes long term sense. give Virat 1 more test..just to be sure he does not belong here.”

The very next match in the series after Manjrekar’s Tweet, Virat Kohli proved himself by scoring 44 runs and 75 runs. And also in the final match, he has hit a century and remained has the only Indian Batsman to hit a century in that series.

Now, almost after 7 years, Virat Kohli has become the best Batsman in this world and also became the skipper of the Indian Cricket Team. a verified account on Twitter retweeted that Tweet of Manjrekar from 2012 by adding some sarcasm to it “This is the Tweet of the decade to me.” after this many fans started trolling Manjrekar on Social Media.

For this Sanjay Manjrekar responded by saying “Very proud of that tweet. In his 1st year in Tests, after scores of 11,0,23,9 in Aus, I remember, fans/media saying Virat does not belong here & had his neck on the chopping block for the next Test. I said give him 1 more Test to be sure. Glad Dhoni & me were on the same page.”

This Tweet will get on to the rise every year until the Virat Kohli retires and Surely, Dhoni would fail to concur with Manjrekar over here.

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