The Dirty Secrets of Indian Premiere League said by Cheerleaders

IPL is the number one T20 League in this world, players from all Cricket Playing countries play in this league and IPL also stands at number 7 position of the top 10 sporting leagues in the world.

But, IPL is controversial from the beginning of the IPL in 2008, first, there was a controversy on IPL Auctions and later continued with the controversies like Player molestation, match-fixing scandals, cheerleaders leaks, and Bollywood fights and etc.

With that said, here are 4 secrets leaked by cheerleaders about IPL.

1. Racism

Have you ever seen any black-skinned girl cheering for any Franchise in the IPL? You’ll never watch because cheerleaders said that organizers are only interested in white-skinned girls and it is sad to hear that even in the 21st century we are seeing people who discriminate against people via there color or continent.

You may ask it because they’re from American and European continent, but leagues like the NBA have cheerleaders from all over the world and with no discrimination.

2. Exploitation

Safety measures were the first thing every Government and company should take, According to cheerleaders, most of the Indian audience treat them like sex dolls. And they shout bad words for them from the stands. However, authorities have never tried to fix this issue. And one of the cheerleaders also stated that the fans undervalue their arts and treat them in a disrespectful manner.

3. Parties after match

Players who are constantly under the pressure of performing at the highest level in international cricket are under pressure to play IPL. So the authorities decided to organize after-parties where the players can relax and enjoy a get together following their grueling on-field activities.

But this led to another worst story in IPL, cheerleaders say after party Cricketers misbehave after the party as they’ll be high on alcohol.

Also, a cheerleader named Gabriella Pasqualotto revealed that some Australian and South African players started behaving badly after drinking. And there are also talks that match-fixing discussion took place in the parties.

4. Cash troubles

In IPL, all the franchisees don’t pay the same amount to the cheerleaders and cheerleaders claim that the pay differs a lot from Franchise to Franchise.