Rohit Sharma speaks on Farokh Engineer’s Controversial statement “Selectors served Tea to Anushka Sharma”

Virat Kohli has been rested for the upcoming T20I series against Bangladesh that will begin from 3rd November at Arun Jaitley Stadium.

So, Rohit Sharma has been selected has the captain to the Indian Squad for this 3 match T20I series against Bangladesh.

Yesterday Rohit Sharma was asked questions at an event in Delhi organized by Trusox and Rohit was asked about Bangladesh Captain Shakib Al Hasan ban, for which Sharma replied “I am not ICC”

Later Rohit was asked about the controversial statement made by Former Indian Wicket Keeper Farokh Engineer on Anushka Sharma for which Anushka Sharma replied slamming all the trollers

To this question Sharma replied by saying “Neither am I the President nor the captain, a regular captain. So what should I say about this?

“So, ask him [meaning Farokh Engineer] why did he say that? I haven’t said anything, so, what should I say? I cannot go into Farokh Sir’s head and see why he said that,” Sharma added.