Rohit Sharma replies to a journalist on Dhoni’s retirement

Virat Kohli has been rested for the upcoming T20I series against Bangladesh that will begin from 3rd November at Arun Jaitley Stadium.

Rohit Sharma has been selected has the captain to the Indian Squad

In pre series conference Rohit was asked a question about Dhoni’s retirement from an journalist for this Rohit Sharma responded by saying “We don’t hear (about Dhoni’s retirement rumours) anything about these things. You guys make these things up,”

“Whatever I thought I wanted to do on the field I managed to do, more than not, because it may not always happen…”

“You feel proud when you think of doing things and you are able to achieve most of it. That is what I felt when the series got over and I went home, just to lie down and think about it. I felt very happy.” Added Rohit Sharma