‘Quinny bhai aapse na ho paayega’: Yuzvendra Chahal Takes a Funny dig at Quinton de Kock

Yuzvendra Chahal is not part of the ongoing test series with South Africa, but Chahal is standing in the headlines by his tweets on this ongoing series, at first, he made Virat Kohli fans angry by coining Rohit Sharma has GOAT of Cricket through his official Twitter handle.

Now, this spin bowler posted a funny picture on his Twitter wall and also shared it on his Instagram story in which Quinton De Kock was seen posing like Chahal.

earlier this year during Cricket World Cup during the match between India and Sri Lanka, Chahal was not in the playing XI of the match and was seen in a very relaxing posture outside the boundary line, that posture picture of Chahal went viral on social media at that time.

During the first test of India vs South Africa at Vishakhapatnam, Wicket Keeper Quinton De Kock is also seen in the same relaxing position, this immediately became viral on Social Media has fans have triggered the same pose with Chahal during Cricket World Cup.

Yuzvendra Chahal, who has seen this circulating this on social media platforms posted a picture with the caption “Quinny bhai aapse na ho paayega” meaning “Brother Quinton De Kock you can’t do that”

Watch the Yuzvendra Chahal’s Tweet here: