Kieron Pollard Tricks the Umpire and gets it has a dead ball Instead of no-ball

West Indies is currently playing three-match ODI series against Afghanistan and they’ve won the First Two matches and taken the series championship.

In the Third and Last ODI at Ekana Cricket Stadium, West Indies captain Kieron Pollard has done a hilarious thing, it happened on the First ball of the 25th over when Pollard came to bowl.

Pollard has completed his stretches and started running towards the Batsman to release the ball, during the release of the ball. Pollard heard No from the umpire has it is going to be a no-ball and he stepped outside the crease and to everyone surprise, Pollard immediately has stopped the release of the ball.

Then Umpire laughed and given it has a Dead ball instead of no-ball.

Watch the Video: