Jimmy Neesham Sarcastic reply to new multiple Super overs rule by ICC

The most exciting final in the history of the cricket world cup is the 2019 Finals. has there was a super over between England Cricket and New Zealand Cricket, but super over also ended up by a tie but England is given the Cricket World Cup on the rule of most boundaries hit in the match.

This rule brought a lot of controversies from all the major cricketing boards and social media channels, almost 3 weeks ago Cricket Australia came up with the idea of multiple super overs to be played if the match is tied in Big Bash League

Now, the same rule is adopted by the ICC for ODI and T20I World Cups, from now if the match is tied in the knockout stage of world cups, super overs will be played until the winner is decided. it is decided at the ICC meeting held in Dubai.

It is also worth mentioning that in the same meeting Zimbabwe cricket has once again become a member of ICC after discussions.

However, this rule is only applicable for Knockout matches but not for the league stage matches. After this statement rolled out New Zealand Cricketer Jimmy Neesham came up with a Tweet saying “Next on the agenda: Better binoculars for the Ice spotters on the Titanic”

Jimmy Neesham Tweet: