IPL 2020: What are the New Rules that will begin from Upcoming IPL? All-Star Game?

IPL is the number one T20 League in this world, players from all Cricket Playing countries play in this league and IPL also stands at number 7 position of the top 10 sporting leagues in the world.

Now, this money-making league will turn 13 Years has the IPL Governing Body announced the schedule for the upcoming season, IPL will begin from March 29, 2020, at the Wankhede Stadium. while Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings will lock their horns in the first match.

And 13th season of IPL will wrap up the season with the finals at the same Wankhede Stadium. leaving the five double-header matches(day and night matches) all matches will begin at 8:00 PM because of the hot weather in India in Summer.

The IPL season will have an All-Star match that will be played three days before the beginning of the IPL, it will feature players from all the teams. But the Venue is not yet decided for this match.

“It will be an IPL All-Stars Game three days before the start of IPL. The venue is not Ahmedabad as it still not match ready. We have not decided on where we will make the donation,” Said BCCI President and Former Indian Captain Sourav Ganguly with the reporters in Delhi Yesterday.

“The concussion substitute and the no-ball rule are new additions for the season,”  added Ganguly, This means from this IPL the Extra Umpire will be calling the No-balls, In the last season the wrong decisions from umpires have costed matches for some teams.

The best example is when Royal Challengers Bangalore lost wicket against Mumbai Indians because of the Umpire error in considering it has a no-ball.

The other new rule is there will be a provision for a concussion substitute in the forthcoming season. this means that if a player is injured from playing XI. The Umpire will decide the substitute player who is coming into the ground is a like-for-like replacement or not, and Umpire will be having the final call on the replacement.