IPL 2020: Reports say There may be only one afternoon Match

IPL is the number one T20 League in this world, players from all Cricket Playing countries play in this league and IPL also stands at number 7 position of the top 10 sporting leagues in the world.

But, IPL is controversial from the beginning in 2008, first, there was a controversy on IPL Auctions and later continued with the controversies like Player molestation, match-fixing scandals, cheerleaders leaks, and Bollywood fights and etc.

With that said, hot humid air in the North India during summer creates a lot of problem to IPL players also to the crowd in the stadiums during afternoon matches that will start at 04:00 PM.

An BCCI Source to Indian Express said that this afternoon matches are going to be reduced just to 1 match per side.
“There is a plan in place of playing more games at night. If it is passed, each team will have to play only one game in the afternoon. Teams who play in the north face heatwaves and conditions get more difficult. There is a plan of using all 60 days instead of wrapping up the IPL in 45 days. The IPL GC has to approve it,” the source was quoted as saying to Indian Express.

So if this report comes true fans can enjoy the IPL for 60 days, instead of 45 days.