Herschelle Gibbs shares GIF of Alia Bhatt But He Never Knows who She was, and Alia Bhatt Reacts With another GIF

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt enjoys a lot of popularity on Social Media like in her real-life but the Former South African Cricketer Herschelle Gibbs have no idea of who she was and it all started with a tweet from Gibbs on Sunday like this ?

Once after this tweet is liked by the Official Handle of Twitter, then this retired Cricketer posted another Tweet which contains the Alia Bhatt Gif which was the promo stuff during the movie Raazi

Immediately once after this Tweet rolled out from his Profile fans became curious and started replying to Gibbs with questions like this ?

Finally once after this Legendary Cricketer came to know that she was a Popular Actress in India he Tweeted once again like this ?

Then Alia Bhatt Came up with an emoji by replying to Gibbs from her profile like this ?