Hardik Pandya replies to hidden face post of BCCI on Twitter

BCCI on twitter posted a picture of a player in Indian team’s training kit with the face covered in order to make fans guess the player behind the ball on its twitter handle.

Many thought that it was Hardik Pandya, the man behind the ball as the fans kept tweeting about the mystery person in the picture. However, to everyone surprise, Pandya himself came up with a reply on this post.

Then Hardik Pandya came up with a reply by sayingNot me guys but @rdchahar1… saw the ball hit him in training”. and Pandya was a spoiler for BCCI, as they thought of making the fans think for a long while.

But fans did not fall for the reply of Hardik Pandya, immediately they said they do not believe that the person in the picture is Rahul Chahar and not him.

Pandya really had a big fail moment on twitter, where he tried to scapegoat Chahar to fool the fans.