Harbhajan Singh Trolls Pakistani Actress Veena Malik For Her English

The issue of Kashmir is always on fire between India and Pakistan, and Cricketers Politicians and Actors are not spared from this and Harbhajan Singh will the one in this list almost every time.

On the 2nd of October Harbhajan Singh has responded to a tweet that came out with criticism on the Former Pakistan Cricket Team Captain and Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on his speech about Kashmir in UN General Assembly.

“At UNGA speech, there were indications for India of potential nuclear war. As a prominent sportsperson, Imran Khan’s choice of words ‘bloodbath’ ‘fight to the end’ will only increase hatred between the two nations. As a fellow sportsperson I expect him to promote peace” Said Harbhajan Singh in the Tweet.

Harbhajan Singh Tweet on Imran Khan:

Pakistani actress Veena Malik response to this Tweet:

Then Harbhajan Singh came with a hilarious reply to this Pakistani Actress saying “What do u mean by surly? Oh is it surely ?? lo ji dekho yeh Angreji Inki.. chill pill next time try and read before u put something in English”

Harbhajan Singh hilarious response to Veena Malik: