Gautam Gambhir urges BCCI to retire jersey No.12 as Tribute to Yuvraj Singh

It is been 12 years since that overall sixes smashed by Yuvraj Singh against England Cricket Team in 2007 T20I World Cup It was on the last Thursday that Yuvraj celebrated the 12th anniversary of the milestone.

Recently, Former Indian Cricketer and Currently East Delhi MP Gautam Gambhir have spoken about Yuvraj Singh’s six sixes on TOI.

“The month of September, meanwhile, has special emotions for me. It was in this month in 2007 that we won the ICC T20 World Cup. The incredible Yuvraj Singh was in his elements. Just for the performance in that tournament and in the 2011 World Cup, I’d urge BCCI to retire the number 12 jersey that he wore. It will be a fitting tribute to a once-in-a-lifetime cricketer,” Gambhir wrote in his column.

Gautam Gambhir on Yuvraj Singh:

“We didn’t know what was coming. Hence, rather than worrying about the future we concentrated on the next delivery. I remember asking my dear friend Yuvraj the secret of hitting those six sixes against England. Prince – as I call him fondly – said, “Gauti yaar buss ho Gaya (it just happened), I never planned.” What Yuvraj is saying is he kept it simple. He batted with a clear mind,” the cricketer-turned-politician said in his column to Times of India.

Both Gambhir and Yuvraj Singh has contributed and have played key roles in both the winning world cups of 2007 T20I World Cup and 2011 Cricket World Cup 2011.