Cricket Australia going to introduce multiple Super overs in Big Bash League | BBL 2019-20

The most exciting final in the history of the cricket world cup is the 2019 Finals. has there was a super over between England Cricket and New Zealand Cricket, but super over also ended up by a tie but England is given the Cricket World Cup on the rule of most boundaries hit in the match.

This rule brought a lot of controversies from all the major cricketing boards and social media channels, so Cricket Australia came up with this new rule and is going to implement in the 2019=2020 Big Bash League Finals.

Under the new W/BBL rules, if two teams are tied at the end of a final and then again after a Super Over, subsequent Super Overs will be played until there is a clear winner.

This new rule applies to all matches in the finals series, while a tied Super Over in a regular-season game will see the points split. Regular season W/BBL games still tied after a Super Over was previously decided by a boundary countback.

The new playing conditions allow for an “unlimited amount” of Super Overs in finals, but where there are “unavoidable time restraints” – presumably venue regulations and broadcast constraints – CA will limit the number of available Super Overs.