Ben Stokes’s wife Clare Stokes speaks about Face Grab photos

Ben Stokes has come a long way from fighting on the street to winning the 2019 Cricket World Cup for England and selecting for the New Zealander of the year.

Recently, some pictures of Ben Stokes Grabbing his wife’s face starting going viral on Social media, in the Pictures Stokes and his wife, Clare, appearing to be embroiled in a confrontation during a Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA) prizegiving at the Roundhouse in Camden, north London.

The 28-year-old Durham player was honored for his heroics by being awarded the PCA Player of the Year Award at a gala dinner at the Roundhouse on 3 October.

However, Ben Stokes’s wife finally denied all this physical alternation on her on Twitter, this is also retweeted by Ben Stokes, Clare Stokes Said: “Unbelievable what nonsense these people will make up! Me and Ben messing about squishing up each other’s faces cos that’s how we show affection and some pap tries to twist it in to a crazy story! And all before we then have a romantic McDonalds 20 mins later!”

Ben Stokes retweet Clare’s Tweet: