BCCI President Sourav Ganguly opens on if India is going to play Day-Night Test in ICC World Test Championship

Sourav Ganguly who has recently become the president of BCCI brought new hopes to the Indian Cricket, even before electing has the president Ganguly declared his first priority has the president of the BCCI.

His first priority brought itself got a lot of appreciation from Indian Domestic Cricketers and Boards, with that said Sourav Ganguly was asked a question recently that Weather If Team India Will Play Day-Night Test Cricket In the ongoing ICC World Test Championship, where other nations have made debut in the Day-Night Test, but India has yet to make their Debut.

Ganguly Said to IANS “We will deal with it. It is too early for me to comment on how we will work on this, but let me take office and then we will discuss this with every member”

“World Test Championship has day-night Test because Adelaide will host pink-ball Test. I don’t think it is the right call to say that World Test Championship wouldn’t have day-night Tests. With the agreement of both members it can be a day-night or day affair in the World Test Championship

“Day-night Test is the way forward. Every country has to play day-night Test, that’s a long-term future for Test cricket. They [India] are a good side, they will win day-night Test matches also. There is no difference in day-night Test matches and day Tests. It’s just a different ball. They are such class players, they can win,” Sourav Ganguly quoted saying this to IANS.