Batsman runs out because of Non-Striker in Middlesex County Match

Run out is the most painful dismissal for every batsman and it hurts the batsman like hell and run-outs because of the non-strikers mistake are common, and such kind of run out has recently taken place in a County match.

It all happened in the county match between Middlesex and Durham at Lords Cricket Ground on September 11th. in the second innings of Durham Alex Lees and Cameron Steel came has openers for Durham County Cricket Club

Striker player, Alex Lees wanted to take the single and after running half the way, the non-striker batsman, Cameron steel denied to take the single, which costed the wicket of Alex Lees by run-out as John Simpson, (wicket-keeper of Middlesex county) was quick to hit the stumps.

However, Durham has managed to win this county match against Middlesex with 44 runs.

Watch Alex Lees runout against Middlesex because of non-striker: