Alexandra Hartley replies to Twitter user who asked “Does anyone care about Women’s Cricket?”

England’s Women Cricket last played their game in the September against West Indies on their homegrounds and ended on the winning side

The Official Twitter of England Cricket posted a quiz for the fans asking them to find the missing players in the playing XI of women’s cricket.
“It has been a while since our Women were in ODI action! Can you name the missing players from the XI? 1. Beaumont 2. Wyatt 3. Sciver 4. Knight 5. 6. 7. Brunt 8. 9. 10. Shrubsole 11. Davies.” The Tweet Said

England Cricket Tweet:

However a user replied to the Tweet saying “Does anyone care about Women’s Cricket?” Later used deleted the Tweet after facing a huge backlash from other users and England Cricketer Alex Hartley. Here is the screenshot of deleted Tweet.

Deleted Tweet of the User:

For this English Women’s Cricketer Alex Hartley replied with a series of three pictures in which crowd packed audience are seen cheering the women cricketers.

One of those pictures was from a 2017 match and other one from the match between India and Australia in 2019, Which has a staggering number of 86,174 people in the stadium(the highest for Women’s cricket match till date)

Alex Hartley’s Reply to the User:

Alex Hartley played 28 ODI’s and 4 T20I’s after making her debut back in 2016 against Pakistan. she has taken 39 wickets in the ODI’s after bowling 1390 balls with a bowling average of 24.35