Srinivasan Speaks about MS Dhoni involvement in the IPL Spot Fixing

Srinivasan is the Former BCCI President and owner of IPL Franchise Chennai Super Kings, recently he spoke about the hardships he has gone through and also commented on MS Dhoni’s involvement in Spot Fixing.

“Cricket was supposed to be a gentleman’s game. But the way the onslaught on CSK and me happened, there was only one thread in common: attack Srinivasan. The attack was severe and pointed. We were put under the gun,” he told Times of India.

“There was also this one occasion when a senior police officer contacted me and passed on the message from some other authorities ‘Ask Srinivasan to step down (as BCCI president) and nothing will happen’. But then we chose to resist. It was a natural instinct of mine that I would never buckle down to this pressure tactics,” Srinivasan added.

During a lecture at IIT Madras campus on “Leadership in Turbulent Times” Srinivasan told students spoke these words

“You must recognize the threat which is real and shouldn’t try to answer to perceptions and go into shadow boxing,”

“Now, the Committee of Administrators has left and it’s history today. BCCI is going back to its regular functioning and our position is sealed.”

Students at IIT Madras asked Srinivasan about the accusations made against MS Dhoni at the time of spot-fixing then Srinivasan replied saying

“Turbulence can hit anybody. But Dhoni and CSK dealt with it on merit and with cold-blooded focus and it took us to victory,”

“We have always owned the franchise and not the players. That’s why the players respect us and want to give everything to us on the ground.” added Srinivasan